small piggy bank Bad credit bank accounts
Bad credit can make impossible to get a current account from a high street bank. We review the alternatives.

credit squeeze DIY Credit repair
A good credit score is more important than ever before. We show you the steps you can take to repair a damaged credit rating.

Breadmarket is the place for personal finance tips and comparisons for those with less than perfect credit.
There are many people across the UK with low or bad credit scores, yet the solutions are not easy to find.

We spend a lot time finding products that suit people with bad credit history, we review and compare these products to make it a little easier for you.

Credit cards

Credit cards have become an integral part of our lives, so much so that every adult in the UK is assumed to have one.

Having a credit card is a good idea, not only for the sake of maintaining a credit record, but also due to the fact that increasingly there services you can no longer pay for in cash and others where you’re charged an extra fee for using a debit card.

But getting one is not always a given; a credit score largely determines who gets to have one and how much interest they pay.
A person with past CCJs, defaults or similar has no chance on the high street; applying for a credit card will not only lead to disappointment, it may actually damage your credit more.

Here at Breadmarket, we show you the places where you can apply and actually have a chance of getting approved.


When you think of a loan and where to get one, the most obvious place is the bank since this is one of their primary purposes, but it is widely known that high street lenders are hesitant to lend to people with bad credit. What is not well known is that you have various alternative ways to obtain a loan.

At breadmarket we review the different type of loans you might be able to get if you have bad credit history, we compare the lenders and give you some tips on how to get the loan that’s right for you.


Breadmarket is not only dedicated to finding and comparing bad credit solutions, but also gathering other information that might help you to turn around your credit or for those who just want to widen their knowledge.

There are many cases however where it makes sense to have some debt; for example maintaining a small balance on your credit card can boost your credit score.

There is however a difference between manageable debt and too much debt. It is very important as a consumer to know when you've reached the limit of what is manageable.

We have some tips on debt as well as links to places you can go and get free help and advice.